It’s not every day you get to sleep in a tree so, if you decide to do it, make sure you choose a unique venue that will provide you with truly fantastic memories.

Les Ecotagnes provides you with two separate tree houses perched 9 metres off the floor and secured to the surrounding pine trees – don’t worry, all the work was undertaken by skilled craftsmen to leave 2 wonderful cabins and, they were even thoughtful enough to put in a walkway to access the cabins so, no climbing experience necessary.

Both cabins have double beds and their own wood stove to keep you warm through the winter nights. There is a decked area in front of each of the cabins where tables and chairs are provided allowing you to have breakfast, dinner or just chill.

If you are interested in spending a night or a weekend in the tree houses, please feel free to contact us or, for an idea of prices, please click here